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BrokerTech Ventures' 5 Towers

We have five Towers of Operation. Why five?
Just ask.

Class of 2020


Our BrokerTech Ventures Accelerator brings broker-centric insurtech startups together to provide seed-funding, a hyper-accelerated curriculum, and direct access to our Agency & Non-Agency Mentor circuit. In addition, we bring opportunity for distribution, stakeholder engagement and access to additional capital. Our BTV Accelerator fosters a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the broker-centric insurtech space, all supported and amplified through our BTV Media & Communications Tower.

Early-Stage Investments

BrokerTech Ventures brings shared learnings in early-stage investments through our Owner, Partner & Sponsor channels, to allow opportunity to scale insurtech innovation further, faster. Through use of the vast broker and insurance company distribution channel created by BTV, we hold a unique opportunity to invest in early-stage technology companies, offer channel scale, and bring insurtech solutions to the industry.

Early-Stage Investment Review

Innovation through partnerships


BrokerTech Ventures is bending the innovation curve through strategic partnerships with some of the greatest insurtech forces in the industry. Through engagement in our BTV Carrier Innovation Summit Series, conferences, innovation platforms, and the college/university channels, we bring innovation to the surface for our BTV stakeholders and industry counterparts.


BrokerTech Ventures is aligned with strategic capital partners who share in a parallel vision in our intentions to embrace and scale insurtech solutions. Our capital tower would be deployed either in conjunction with our BTV early-stage investment tower, or as an individual source of investment for the insurtech startups we convene through BTV.

Capital through Partnerships

Media & Communciations


BrokerTech Ventures is the voice of the broker + insurtech ecosystem, creating strategic partnerships with some of the greatest media channels in the industry. Our Media & Communications tower brings the learnings from our Accelerator, Early-Stage Investment, Innovation and Capital Towers, to the broader insurance audience. Through earned media, social, strategic event engagement and our livestream series, our BTV mediums will allow for sharing of timely, relevant insurtech news, to our BTV stakeholders and the broader insurance community.

Meet the Team

To-date, BrokerTech Ventures has brought together 13 super-regional brokerage firms, amassing more than $2 billion in collective agency distribution. We have attracted 12 broker-centric startups and pool of talented entrepreneurs, and deployed our Accelerator and Mentoring network. BrokerTech Ventures is actively building out Carrier engagement, as well as strategic partnerships within the InsurTech and Media & Communications channels.
Through the Accelerator and Early-Stage Investment Towers, we see market opportunity for strategic alignment in the capital space.

BTV exists to bend the innovation curve, to challenge and ultimately to change the insurance industry. We are running hard, and we are playing with the infinite game in mind.

Dan Keough


Mike Victorson


Susan Hatten


John Jackovin

Executive Director Accelerator

Ellen Willadsen

Executive Sponsor