TrustLayer and Aclaimant: A Perfect Partnership for Risk Management

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

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By: John Fohr, CEO and Co-founder of TrustLayer and David Wald, Co-founder of Aclaimant 

Sometimes a partnership just makes perfect sense: peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, and TrustLayer and Aclaimant.

In 2013, Aclaimant recognized that risk management processes were outdated. When we asked friends and family in the insurance industry about their biggest frustrations, we heard rampant delays, inefficiencies, and poor outcomes. Based on this feedback, we put our heads together and set out to make a better incident management system that would improve how companies manage data, people, and processes. Nine years later, we’ve built a comprehensive risk management platform that addresses those early complaints and empowers risk managers to improve organizational behavior, create process efficiencies, and leverage the power of data and analytics to achieve an overall safer environment for their employees.

Using technology to create better risk management processes? Sounds familiar to the TrustLayer team. Maybe that’s because we share similar roots, with both of us involved in  BrokerTech Ventures and Modern Ventures. Or maybe it’s because we already share some great clients who recognize the great risk management opportunities that come from combining our technology. 

Just as Aclaimant recognized the need for digital technology to revolutionize organizational risk management, TrustLayer recognized the critical need for digital technology in insurance risk management. TrustLayer’s AI-powered collaborative risk management platform works to digitize the highly manual, error-prone, and paper-based process of insurance verification. With TrustLayer, companies can securely automate the verification of insurance, licenses, and compliance documents of their business partners (e.g. vendors, subcontractors, suppliers, borrowers, tenants, ridesharing, and franchisees) in an easy-to-use digital dashboard.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2022