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Cheers to Five Years: BTV Celebrates Birthday

Friday, May 17, 2024

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As BrokerTech Ventures (BTV) toasts to five incredible years, we're throwing confetti in the air and popping the champagne! From bold innovations to new partnerships, BTV has transformed the landscape of insurance innovation. Join us on a journey down memory lane as we relive the moments that have made the past half-decade nothing short of extraordinary. Here's to the next five years of trailblazing, dream-chasing, and boundary-breaking!

I've really appreciated our collaboration between Healthee and BTV over the past several years. It was an honor to be in the BTV Accelerator class of 2022. Our collaboration since that point on articles, media opportunities, and more has been impactful for Healthee's growth. We also enjoyed being a part of BTV's BrokerTech Connect 2023 event with Omer Maman, Nina Stanley, and myself joining in the fun (see picture below). Very grateful for our partnership and excited to continue growing together.
- Guy Benjamin, CEO and Co-founder, Healthee
Getting to meet new people outside of areas that I typically work and building upon those relationships to learn new skills and expand my network.
- Jason Losen, Underwriting Manager, AF Group

Dan Keough, CEO of Holmes Murphy, documents his top three memories.

Calling CEO friends in the industry explaining the vision of what we were planning to build when we were starting BTV and inviting them to join us.  The support was incredible and the contributions of each has made BTV so much more.  
The selection process of the first cohort.  Selecting Reghan/Loss Run Pro as our last company.  Brian Hetherington identified we lacked diversity and made the case for Reghan.  She was an exceptional entrepreneur and Loss Run Pro turned out to be a success!  Supporting entrepreneurs is fun!
Traveling to Tel Aviv to meet with InsureTech founders and organizing meetings with our Governor Kim Reynolds and our partners at InsureTech Israel.   Kobi Bendelak has been a true friend and partner and has work diligently to add value to entrepreneurs and the InsureTech community.  
- Dan​​​​ Keough, CPCUChairman & CEO/Shareholder, Holmes Murphy
We often talk about how ‘unlucky’ it was to launch a startup right before COVID-19 changed everything and shut so much down. But, we also have to acknowledge how lucky we are to have had BTV there to help weather the storm. We participated in several incubators and even turned a few down as well. The only one we really felt like was an accelerator was BTV.
- John Greenwood, COO, Goldfinch Health
BTV Mania was like no other business event we've ever attended! Those two days had a fundamental impact on our company's trajectory immediately following has continued for years after.
- Sherisse Hawkins, CEO, Pagedip
So many good memories. Probably, for me, the first BTV Mania post-pandemic was pretty special. It was the first conference back for many people and the energy was pure excitement about in-person collaboration again.
- Garrett Droege, Director of Innovation, IMA Financial Group
The kick off happy hour the year BTV kicked off. It was a joint celebration with the Global Insurance Accelerator.  The energy and excitement was high. The mingling between brokers, carriers, and the insurrech ecosystem was magical and the essence of what BTV would become.
- Ellen Willadsen, Chief Innovation Officer, Holmes Murphy
One of my favorite moments is the official announcement of BTV's formation at ITC in 2019. It felt like standing at the foot of an amazing mountain, with nothing but opportunities ahead. It's incredible to reflect on the past 5 years and see just how far we have come.  Working together with remarkable BTV partners, all equally dedicated to transforming our industry, has been an incredible journey.
- Kacie Conroy, Sr Director of IT, M3 Insurance
Attending the BTV-hosted kick-off reception of ITC Vegas 2023 was a true highlight for me. I had the opportunity to connect and reconnect with those whom I've interacted with as a representative of BrokerTech Ventures for custom content, podcasts, and events. I truly appreciate the relationship BPC has developed with BrokerTech Ventures and I hope it will continue for years to come!
- Alexis Davis, Custom Content Strategy and Production Manager & Account Executive, Business Publications Corporation

Over the years, I've cherished countless special memories and the deep bonds we've formed with these wonderful people. From our visits to Des Moines with our startups to the shared events in Israel with the BTV team — Dan, Susan, Ellen, John, and Emily — each experience has been truly remarkable. It's hard to single out one moment among so many extraordinary ones.
- Kobi Bendelak, CEO, InsurTech Israel

The connections we created during BTV Mania where laughter ensued, we cultivated new relationships, and even got some new customers!
- Andy Sharpe, CEO & Co-founder, meshVI
While there have been many very positive items that have happened over the last 5 years, the one that stands out consistently is the strong relationships that have been built with the partners of BTV. The technology issues facing our industry today are daunting and very challenging to handle alone. Our BTV relationship has provided us with the ability to address these issues with 30 other partners which has been very beneficial and rewarding for me and our firm.
- Terrence Tracy, Executive Partner, National Commercial Practice Leader, Conner Strong & Buckelew
There are so many memories over the last five years, it's hard to know where to begin! Several which rise to the top include launching BrokerTech Ventures at ITC Vegas in 2019, creating our signature events of BTV's Happiest Hour and BTV Mania, deploying a partnership with Insurtech Israel and our travels to Tel Aviv, seeing firsthand how BTV is positively impacting our startups and their business growth, and the launch of our BrokerTech Fund in 2023. Above all, the greatest memories are around the relationships and community we are building through BTV. We are making a difference for our industry, and our future looks bright!
- Susan Hatten, CMO, Holmes Murphy; COO, BrokerTech Ventures
There isn't one stand-out moment from the past five years that captures the significance of the BTV experience. It's the sum of investing our time and treasure together — across organizational boundaries — to create a vibrant and vital future for the insurance industry.
- Wendi Bukowitz, Director of Strategic Innovation, The Cincinnati Insurance Companies
Cross industry collaboration where brokers and carriers come together to find solutions to challenges no matter the size or complexity.
- Bob Jenkins, VP, Distribution, Travelers 
Being part of the first cohort of BTV was an incredible experience. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19 soon after our kick-off, BTV went above and beyond to ensure it remained memorable. Today, some of the BTV Broker partners continue to support us, and we still benefit from the connections we made.
- Sai Ramin, Founder & CEO, Cognisure
My favorite BTV memory was BTV Mania! The energy, excitement, and connections with BTV Partners and the rest of the cohort was amazing. What a positive experience!
- Todd Thams, Founder, Mod Advisor
My favorite memories from BTV are over the last year — my first time at BrokerTech Connect, my first BTV Mania — being able to build relationships throughout the industry and having a roster of smart, innovative people I can call to help problem solve is really rewarding.
- Emily Schultz, Managing Director, BrokerTech Ventures
BTV Mania! Every year we bring together smart people from the insurance industry who make each other a whole lot smarter over the period of two days. If you look in the dictionary under "iron sharpening iron," you'll likely find a BTV logo.
- Chris Murphy, VP Commercial Risk & Safety, Holmes Murphy

As we wrap up BTV's first five years, we're left with a heart full of pride and excitement for what's to come. From countless examples of innovation and collaboration, these memories shine bright. We're ready to embrace the future, armed with the same passion and tenacity that brought us here. Here's to the adventures ahead and the limitless possibilities that await BTV. Cheers to the next chapter in our journey!

Friday, May 17, 2024